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Create memories for a lifetime... without all the stress!

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We believe that every child deserves to be celebrated and that those celebrations are most special (and memorable) when shared. We've designed five elegant and all-inclusive Birthday and Playdate parties that make throwing an amazing party a breeze for busy parents. Just pick a theme you're little one will love; we'll ship it right to your door!

Our Story

Two short years ago, we couldn't wait to throw our son, Drake, his first birthday party. Drake’s name means "of the Dragon," so we wanted to host a "Knights and Dragons" theme party. We began researching all of the 'ingredients' we'd need to pull it off: decorations, costumes, games, favors, prizes, decorations, themed recipes and on and on. A daunting list, but we pressed on.

As busy working parents, the planning of this party was taking up what little free time we had. We were unable to find children's costumes that were both cute and affordable. We struggled to find matching decorations and were disappointed by the limited selection, requiring us to shop multiple online and brick-n-mortar stores (and left wondering whether all the different colors would actually match). Lastly, we were overwhelmed by what games to play and what food to serve.

Then, our “AHHHH” moment turned into an “AH-HA” moment!

What is Parties By Alex?

We have designed five affordable and elegant theme Birthday and Playdate parties for children ages 1 to 7 years - Princess, Fairy, Superhero, Pirate, and Knights and Dragons. These theme packages include everything a busy parent needs to throw a fabulous party: costumes, games, decorations, place settings/paper goods, crafts, prizes, party favors, candles and a how-to guide with additional ideas on games to play, food to serve (including recipes), and more. Our theme party products give parents a chance to relax and enjoy the party as much as their little ones with festive designs at an affordable price.

Additionally, because everything a busy parent needs is provided in the package, we believe the theme party itself can become a great gift item (from a grandparent to parent, sister-to-brother, friend-to-friend, etc)!

Parties By Alex was co-founded (and is operated) by husband and wife team Alexandra McGee and Tony Gentile; our boys Drake and Chance serve as inspiration (and are play testers and occasional models)!